Jonny’s Speed Shop was founded 60 years ago. It has become synonymous with customizing Hot Rods. For decades Jonny's has been pumpin' out classic 4 wheeled fury. Jonny’s has kept pumpin' and thumpin' throughout the balance of the 20th century until the time came for a change. Now in the new millennium Jonny’s Speed Shop customizes everything from the classics to modern day Rice Burners, but the 1950s old school theme has never died.

Jonny’s Speed Shop has always been about self expression. Jonny's is determined to help you express yourself through the car you drive. If you want people to know you mean business, we'll make sure your car sends that message. We can make your car downright fearsome. Make it roar like a lion and roll like a cheetah. We have always insured that your car will go fast, now with the addition of custom parts and accessories, we assure that you will get there in style and turn heads while doing it.


Having trouble keeping the attention of attractive women and/or men? Your ride probably just needs a new paint job. Swing by Jonny’s and we’ll make your car shine like a streamlined butterfly. Jonny’s also performs body work, so we can transform that dented old beater into a smooth sleek ride. We have also begun selling and installing custom car parts and accessories. Jonny's offers competitive prices and sweet deals that would make a used-car salesman faint.

Our mechanics can soup up your engine to make those higher speeds easier to attain, after all, what good is having a ride if you can’t do something stupid in it? And after you’re done being stupid, bring in your damaged ride for a free estimate on repairs. We know what you're gonna do, and we're okay with that. As long as the car can limp back to our shop, we'll put it back together asap; so you can get back out there and tame those taunting straightaways and drift those menacing curves.


Jonnysspeedshop.com is here to provide you a link to our online services and our location. But we have also begun selling custom items online. Every month we have a new list of parts available. We get our parts through vendors directly, so we're able to get you insanely good deals right here on our website. Be sure to visit the CUSTOM page to view this month’s list of Custom Car Parts and Accessories.

You may have the sweetest ride on your block, but what about on the next block? You better buy a skull stick shift or some spinning rims just to be sure. You may have a very nice car, but remember, not all cars speak for themselves. You should add some UnderGlow Neon to make the pavement shine as you pass by. Our online purchasing system gauranteed to be 100% safe. What are you waiting for? Are you still reading this? Go to the CUSTOM page now!